The Story So Far Part 3 - 5 Star Ratings | Beauty No1
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The Story So Far Part 3 – 5 Star Ratings

The Story So Far Part 3 – 5 Star Ratings

Hi again and thanks for reading our blog. What an AMAZING first four months we have had since opening at the beginning of June 2017.

We are very proud to have received 5 STAR ratings across the board for all our treatments . Check them out on the bottom of this page.

So its October already and we have some fabulous news . Four awesome pieces of news actually

  1. We reached 500 Like today on Facebook which we are so proud of. That an average of 120 likes a month or on average 4 a day since we opened. Thanks so much to all our loyal customers. We are so proud and very happy with the response to our social media campaign. Some of you may have already had a chance to watch some of our promotional videos however if you have not had the opportunity then visit our facebook page and let us know what you think. Remeber to click and enter our weekly competitions that are going down a storm.
  2. We have a new apprentice starting this week. This is amazing and supports our vision for employing and developing local talent and of course employing a young person who is looking to develop and further their career within Beauty . More details to follow .
  3.  Anti Wrinkle Treatment Clinic – We are so proud to have another member on staff aboard who is a Local GP specializing in Aesthetic Treatments.
  4. We gained over 300 clients from Advertising and attending the Bournemouth University Freshers Fair. What a lovely response we had and one point we could not take all the names ! We nearly run out of paper ! Look at some of the photos below  – what an awesome day

So as you can see only in a few weeks a great deal has happened. A special mention needs to be made for our Teams at Square Flame (Website),

Sam Howell (Business Mentoring)

Jack our Designer, Janine our Salon Manager and Kristina my Partner.

Without the above people involved Beauty No.1 wold not have exceeded its first 4 month projection. Notably its still very early however I feel its good to promote good news in such challenging times.


Thanks again for reading and we will be back soon with further updates.

Please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, ideas or want to get involved in supporting our Charities and Business initiatives.

Chris x